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Music Suggestions for
Your Special Event!

Wedding Ceremony Music

Wedding Prelude music: Played prior to the wedding ceremony, while guests are arriving.

Wedding Processional Bridal music: Played during the time the family,
wedding party, and the Bride walk down the aisle.

Wedding Interlude music (optional): The songs played during the wedding ceremony.

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Wedding Recessional music: Music played as the new husband and wife
walk up the aisle together.

Reception Music

Grand Entrance music: Song played as the Bridal Party and Bride and Groom
Make their Grand Entrance at the reception.

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First Dance music: First dance as husband and wife.

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Father/Daughter music: The dance between the Bride and her father.

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Mother/Son music: The dance between the Groom and his mother.

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Bridal Party Dance music: The dance including the Bride & Groom,
Bridesmaids & Groomsmen, and family members.

Cutting The Cake music: Played while the Bride & Groom cut the cake.

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Garter And Bouquet Toss music: Played during the bouquet toss and garter toss.

* Songs for Bouquet Toss Only.

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Money/Dollar (Honeymoon) Dance music (Optional) Played during the time the Bride & Groom dance with guests while the Best man and Maid of Honor collect the money for their honeymoon. See music list above: "Bridal Party Music". Ask your DJ for suggestions.

Last Dance music: The last song of the night for
the Bride & Groom and the remaining guests.


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